Deforestation and the palmoil industry has left native tribes and people living of the forest in deep poverty. This story was published in VG Helg.


The terrorist attacks in Oslo and Utøya July 22, 2011 left Norway in shock, claiming 77 lives and leaving 319 injured. This series is taken on various events and locations in and around Oslo in the days that followed.


Coffee production is a major export industry in India.  There is approximately 250,000 coffee growers in India, of which 98% of are small scale farmers. 


On February 12th 2010, Haiti was hit by a massive earthquake, killing more than 250.000 people and leaving 1.6 million homeless. This selection of photographs was taken on the one year anniversary of the disaster. 200.000 people was still living in relocation camps and it was little progress in rebuilding efforts. A total of 2.4 billon US dollar was promised in relief to Haiti in the 6 months following the earthquake. Six years later 40.000 still leave in the relocation camps with no electricity or water and only one percent of the money was given to the Haitian government. The largest single recipient of U.S. earthquake money was the U.S. government.  The same holds true for donations by other countries.